Cargo Village and Conference Programme Curated by IATA Set to Have Major Impact

There’s great excitement about the Cargo Village at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow, not least because of the chance to get up close to the static aircraft set to be on display. These ‘beasts of the sky’ can be elusive, if they’re not flying, then they are being loaded in cargo areas located far from airport terminals.    

Dominating the Cargo Village will be two 747s, an Antonov, and more are set to be announced.

Even while on show, these hardworking giants will be busy, with a demonstration programme giving an insight into how they operate on the ground and a flying display that will see them airborne. 

The cargo sector is fast-growing and while this presents opportunities, it also means challenges. Increased demand equates to bigger loads, flown further, requiring aircraft that are more fuel-efficient. For companies investing in the innovation that will drive forward leaps in creating next-generation cargo aircraft, the Cargo Village is a strategically important location for exhibiting.

And with commitment from three major sponsors: Cargo Logic Air, Volga Dnepr and Air Bridge Cargo there can be no clearer indication of the importance being placed on the Cargo Village at this year’s Airshow.

A dedicated two-day conference curated by IATA is planned for Tuesday and Wednesday of the Airshow. It will bring high-profile industry experts together to discuss a range of topics and issues, from the future for cargo through to the exponential demand for express and e-commerce freight.

A major area for discussion during the conference is to be the role of UAVs. As the impact of drones continues to grow, this conference will serve as an important focus for discussing how a future with UAVs might look and what needs to be done to achieve the opportunities this presents particularly with delivery to inaccessible areas.

The Cargo Village at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow is a hub for all aspects of this fast-moving, fast-growing industry. Nowhere else will have the aircraft, the industry leaders, or the organisations in one place at one time. 

Conference speakers include

  • Turhan Ozen, Chief Cargo Officer from Turkish Cargo
  • Rob Veltman, VP Cargo Europe, Qatar Airways on the vision for air cargo
  • Abdulla Shadid, MD Cargo & Logistics Services, Etihad Airways is on a panel focussing on express and e-commerce freight
  • Nick Platts, Head of Cargo, Heathrow Airport will speak about capitalising on UK cargo growth
  • Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing,  The Boeing Company will speak about the future of air cargo

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